"And if there is no god of wine, there is no love, no Aphrodite either, nor other pleasure left to men."

Euripedes, The Bacchae


This Barbera del Monferrato is obtained from a near-late harvest. Vinification is done by long fermentation in wooden vats. The wine is then held for clarification and maturation for 15 to 20 months in 500-l barrels. After Freisa is added (max. 15%), the wine is transferred to stainless steel vats and left to rest for a short period before being bottled. The first 6 months in the bottle allow the blend of Barbera and Freisa time to harmonize the characteristics of the two grape varieties into a wine of complexity and intense flavor.

The suggestions of spice from the interaction between the wine and the wood add to the depth of Barbera and integrate with the fruity raspberry taste of Freisa to give a great wine with a harmoniously balanced structure and a long, complex finish.


Barbera del Monferrato D.O.C.

This Barbera is made from the Barbera grape, with partial carbonic maceration followed by clarification in stainless steel tanks. Its fruity aroma is reminiscent of cherry and blackberry, while its dry, frank and slightly salty taste releases a pleasant undertone of black cherry.